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At Bradford N. Oesch, P.C., we pride ourselves on providing excellent legal service to our clients and guiding each client through the legal through the process necessary to obtain a successful case outcome.

Although our practice is primarily focused on personal injury claims, including catastrophic and wrongful death claims, auto collisions, work-related injuries, premises liability and product liability claims resulting in severe injuries, we also handle commercial construction, consumer fraud, business litigation, medical malpractice and probate matters.  If you have a matter that is outside our scope of practice we will do our best to refer you to a qualified experienced lawyer to help you achieve your desired result.

Our firm provides initial free consultations, and most of our cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not charge a fee or expenses if we are unable to obtain a recovery for the client.  

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2017:  $1.675 Million: Mediated settlement (Insurance policy dispute)

2016:   $847,000.00:  Settlement (18 Wheeler Accident)

             $500,000.00:  Mediated settlement (Industrial Accident - shoulder surgery)

Cause No. 2007-29729; Melissa Tinsely, et al. v. Johnathan Ray Nutt, et al.; In the 129th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas, Named "#10 Top Texas Verdict of 2010" by Verdict Search and featured in Texas Lawyer: $2,666,013.65 Jury Verdict (Pedestrian - Auto Collision)].


Past Large Verdicts, Judgments and Settlements:

$30 million: Nursing home negligence (assault resulting in death);

$12.5+ million recovery/$30 million debt waived: (Consumer fraud);

$2.66 million:  Jury Verdict - Auto/pedestrian collision; fractured scull ($25k offer at mediation)

$2.05 million: 18 wheeler accident (operated back);

$1.675 million:  Dispute over insurance policy benefits;

$1.5 million: Lottery dispute;

$1.35 million: Industrial accident (wrongful death);

$1.07 million: Trip and fall (premises);

$1.04 million; Auto Collision (operated back)

Other Notable Recoveries:

$937,000.00: Non-subscriber Worker's Comp claim (inadequate security)

$700,000.00: Auto collision (operated back);

$575,000.00: Auto collision (broken hip);

$535,000.00  Premises Liability (inadequate security/PTSD)

$535,000.00: Auto collision (fractured neck vertebra w/ fusion);

$500,000.00: Auto collision (operated back);

$500,000.00: Nursing home negligence;

$400,000.00: Auto collision (operated neck)

$375,000.00: Defective product (severe burns);

$355,000.00   Auto fatality (policy limits)

$340,000.00: Residential construction accident;

$252,500.00: Auto collision (fatality - policy limits);

$252,500.00: Auto collision (TBI, back surgery - policy limits);

$250,000.00: Defective product (patio chair);

$240,000.00: Trip and fall case (fractured femur);

$235,000.00   Auto collision (torn miniscus, soft tissue) ($135,000 over policy limits)

$225,000.00:  Trucking collision (non operated back);

$210,000.00: Auto collision (herniated disks, non-operated);

$180,000.00: Premises liability (inadequate security);

$175,000.00: Third party (work related injury);

$175,000.00: Medical malpractice;

$160,000.00: Trip and fall (apartment complex);

$172,000.00: Defective product (golf cart);

$150,000.00: Auto collision (minor impact/bulging disks);

$125,000.00: Auto collision, disputed liability ($45,000 above policy limits)

$125,000.00: Auto accident (fractured ankle);

$125,000.00: Auto/motorcycle collision (fractured femur);

$105,000.00:  Auto collision (operated shoulder)

$102,000.00: Premises liability (karate studio/spiral fracture)

$100,000.00: Industrial Accident (closed head injury). 


ALL AMOUNTS ABOVE ARE GROSS RECOVERIES BEFORE DEDUCTING ATTORNEY'S FEES AND EXPENSES incurred in prosecuting the claims.  Where lawsuits were filed fees attorney's fees were 40% of the gross recovery plus expenses incurred. Where cases were settled prior to suit, attorney's fees were 1/3 of the gross recovery.  Medical liens, if any, were satisfied after payment of attorney's fees from the client's portion of the recovery.  In almost EVERY instance, medical liens reductions are negotiated to maximize client recovery.  If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury or catastrophic damage, or if you need a referral to lawyer for a matter we do not handle, please contact our office directly. If we can't help you in our office, we will refer you to a colleague that can.  At Bradford N. Oesch, P.C., we have a proven record of success, and our attorneys are ready to fight for you and maximize compensation for your injuries and damages.